Bangkok Itinerary for 6 Days

Bangkok itinerary 6 days  :

Bangkok is one of the most beautiful and attractive places. This is the place of great pleasure and exploration. Once you started visiting the city, you will get the complete details about it that will make you a fan of this city. It is the capital of Thailand and holds the most important and influential features of the country. Though the tourist attractions in Bangkok are not like that of Paris or London, still, this city has the unique cultural and social aspects that are very joyful to visit. Bangkok is the city not only for visiting but also for eating. The famous temples and shrines are very unique in the city. The city opens its doors to the people who wish to explore it. The city offers a lot of things to do in it. Some of them are very expensive while others are very cheap and can be easily affordable by every visitor equally. The culture and the people of the city are very friendly and welcome its visitors. There are many places in Bangkok that are of worth seeing. The temples, shrines and the busy streets have made this city of Thailand more and more beautiful. If you want to visit this beautiful city of Thailand in 6 days tour, then the suggested places for visiting in the city are as follows:

Visit the Grand Palace , Wat Arun and Wat Pho :

On the very first day, start your visit to Bangkok by visiting the most famous and the most beautiful Grand Palace of Thailand. It is actually a Royal Palace that reflects the traditions and the lifestyle of the royal families. Neighboring to the Grand Palace is Wat Pho. You will not be allowed to enter into the building of Grand Palace as it is only used for the official state functions. But the temple remains open and the big grounds are the source of attraction for the visitors. It is best to visit the Grand Palace in the morning time, in an effort to avoid the crowd. After the visit, you can go for the famous Wat Pho. Here, you can see the different statues that will make your trip more excited and memorable. After that, it is best to move towards the Wat Arun which is also known as the temple of Dawn. It is also the beautiful temple of the city. Grand Palace is expensive to visit. You must have a significant amount of money with you when you are going to visit the Grand Palace. But, your trip to Bangkok will be incomplete if you will not visit these beautiful temples of Thailand. While visiting these places, make sure to have a proper dress. Do not wear a dress like skirt or shorts. Cover your arms and legs properly. You can take a scarf if you are a girl or a woman. If your dress is not proper, you will not be allowed to enter in to the palace.  

After that, it is the time to enjoy the most comforting and relaxing river cruise. For this purpose, you can take a ride of the water taxi. Take a tour in the Chao Phraya river and get rid of the tiredness.

Visit all the temples :

Take a tuk-tuk drive and take a tour of all the temples of the city. Do no spend much time on each temple but see them is a must in visiting the Bangkok. The tuk tuk drive is very economical and can be easily afforded. Make sure not to do shopping while visiting the temples. It will waste your time.

Wat Saket :  

This is the most attractive temple of the city because the temple is golden that gives an eye catching view to the visitors. You can also see the fascinating views of the Bangkok city from the top of this temple.

Wat Benchamabophit :

This temple is also important to visit in Bangkok. It reflects the unique blend of the Thai and European architecture as well as culture. In the temple, 52 images of Buddha are present which are reflecting each and every gesture of the Buddha. This place gives you the best details of how the Buddha has been represented in Thailand over the course of time.

Khao San Road :

Your trip will not be complete without visiting this road which is also known as the backpacker capital of world. There are numerous shops, international restaurants, bars, locals, shops, activities and vendors are here throughout the day as well as night. It is the most common attraction for the people of Thailand on weekend. It is the best place to spend relaxing time and to meet the other travelers from different areas of the country as well as from different countries of the world.

Visit to the floating markets of the city :

At least a half day is required to visit the floating markets of the city. Khlong Lat Mayom and the Thaling Chan are the most famous or popular markets of the city. Like other places, it is also best to visit these markets in the morning time to avoid the crowd. You can visit both the markets by using the local transportation. The smells, the ladies cooking in these markets, selling of the goods and the chaos all are very attractive in these markets.

China town :  

China town is the best option for shopping in Bangkok. It offers a huge range of products for the visitors to buy for themselves as well as for their loved ones. The food of this area is also very attractive for the visitors. This is the most busy and the crowded place of the city. At night time, chine town turns into the biggest area for the seafood in the Bangkok city.

Bangkok Malls :

The malls in the city are not only for shopping but you can also enjoy them as a social hub. You can interact with different people here and can spend a good time. You can see the movie in these malls, you can also drink in the bars in the malls. Apart from that, there are many small areas that are located within the malls and offer the delicious food foe the visitors. So, it is necessary to visit the malls in Bangkok. It will not only help in shopping but also spending the quality time while eating and watching the movies. The famous malls of the city that are important to visit during the visit to Bangkok include:

  • Terminal 21
  • MBK centre
  • Siam Paragon Mall
  • Emporium Mall
  • Central World
  • Pantip Plaza

Lumpini Park :

It is the central park of Bangkok. The green ground of the park is very attractive and gives an eye catching view to the visitors. You can see the people here playing sports, biking and walking all around the day. You must visit this park to refresh your mind and spirit.

Bangkok Art and culture centre :

This centre offers the music, art, design, film, theatre and exhibition. This is the best place in the city that represents the local art of the country. As the Bangkok city does not have enough real art scene, this place can be the most soothing and comforting for the art lovers.

Muay Thai Fight :

If you are in Thailand, then it is the best option to enjoy the Muay Thai fight. This fight is actually a sport that involves clinching and striking. This sport is very famous in Thailand and the people of the country take it very seriously. It is almost everywhere in the country.  The fighters are trained for many years. You can also enjoy this sport by spending a night in Rajadamnern Stadium. You can watch a classy match between the world class fighters. This will be the most thrilling and the adventurous part of your trip that will make the trip more memorable.  

National Museum :

This museum gives the reflection and the details of the culture of Thailand. It has a huge range of the musical instruments, musical records and carvings of wood that impressed the visitors from all over the world. Though, the museum is not very big in size and does not offer fine details but the architecture is very impressive and interesting.

Food tour :

Bangkok offers the most delicious and the yummiest food taste to the visitors. It not only has a single flavor rather you can have the food of your own choice. During the 6 days itinerary of Bangkok, it is necessary to taste the delicious food that the city offers. Do eat the Thai food in the famous restaurants and the hotels of the city.

The best place for shopping and eating in Bangkok is the weekend market. It is always crowded with the people. You can buy everything for this market including the food, mobile phones, brand clothes and pets.   

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