Getting from Bangkok to Chiang Mai – By Flights- Train & Bus

So you’ve finished your Bangkok trip and planning to visit Chiang Mai? It’s a wise decision to look around the Thailand countryside. Chiang Mai is one of the best mountainous cities in northern Thailand at a distance of 680 Km. The city is also being referred to as technology & digital business hub in Thailand. In addition to its commercial importance, it has many temples that illustrate Thailand’s culture and religious beliefs.  Apart, It has many vestiges of walls and moats from its history.

Ways to get Chiang Mai from Bangkok

Listed below are three best ways to travel from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. 

Bangkok to Chaing Mai Flights 

Travelling from Bangkok to Chiang Mai by air is the fastest mode of transportation. Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) and Don Mueang international airport (DMK)in Bangkok are two airports that operate flights for Chiang Mai airport (CNX). 

Low-cost carriers such as AirAsia, Nok Air, and Thai Lion Air operates at Don Mueang Airport. Other airlines like Thai Air, Bangkok Airways, Thai Airways, and Thai VietJet Air departs from Suvarnabhumi Airport. More than 50 flights in a week operate from Bangkok to Chaing Mai, which takes around 1 hour and 15 minutes. If you book an air ticket in advance, then air ticket costs become almost the same as a first-class carriage ticket cost. Usually, the air ticket cost is between $35 to 80$. If you’re confident about your Chiang Mai trip, I highly recommend you reserve your ticket no less than three months in advance with Thai Air Jet, Air Asia & Nok Air to secure a great discounted offer, sometimes under $20. Please NOTE low-cost carrier always have luggage restriction so double-check with the airline before making a booking.  The ticket can be bought online here.

Bangkok to Chaing Mai Trains

Many trains depart from Bangkok to Chiang Mai station every day. The train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai takes between 12 to 15 hours. As one can imagine, a third-class ticket is the most affordable. However, you have to compromise with your comfort because in third-class wooden seats feel uncomfortable, and these carriages can be crowded and stuffy. If you don’t wish to ignore your ease, then pick out second-class. It is a little bit expensive as compared with third-class but includes fans and air conditioners. Second-class tickets cost you about 500 THB.  You can also buy Food on the train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai as lot’s of local foods are being sold out on the train by individuals. 

Train No# Departure Time (Bangkok) Arrival Time (Chiang Mai) Ticket Cost Available Class Online Booking Services Provider
7 08:30 19:30 $28

2nd Class AC seats only  Here Thai Railways
109 13:45 04:05 $32   2nd Class Sleeper AC Here Rapid
9 18:10 07:15 $36  – $41 (2nd-Class) & (1st-Class)

Here Thai Railways
13 19:35 08:40 $36 Here Thai Railways
51 22:00 12:10 $34 2nd Class Sleeper AC

Here Thai Railways
  • The quickest train is Train #7 leaving at 08:30, which is scheduled to finish the journey in 11 hours 00 minutes. This trip will costs you $28 and comes with 2nd Class AC seats.
  • Train No # 9  is one of the best Overnight trains from Bangkok to Chiang Mai departing at 18:10, which is planned to arrive 13 hours 05 minutes later at 07:15. Third-Class ticket will cost you $36 and second-class with an AC Sleeper set you back $41. This train also has some carriages solely for females and children. 
  • Train No# 109 also offer Bunks in Second-class and cost is about $32 (1k THB) in with ac. This train departs in afternoon 13:45 and takes about 14 hours to reach Chiang Mai (4:00 am Arrival).
  • Air-conditioned carriage bunks are more expensive. If you have more luggage try to book lower bunks as some lower bunks can provide more space.   (off course a bit costly)
  • Train No# 7 & Train No# 109 are perfect day train to Chiang Mai from Bangkok.
  • Mostly train leaves at Hua Lamphong station and later (after 45 minutes) can be grabbed at Don Mueang station. 

How to Book Train Tickets to  Online?

Use the Search Box below to buy your train tickets from Bangkok to Chiang Mai:

Please note that there is around $7 difference between online & offline ticket prices.  When you purchase your ticket online you ensure your seat. You’re likely to be frustrated in case you attempt to buy your ticket on the day of travel or even the day before if you plan to visit during busy intervals. Bangkok to Chiang Mai Train routes is extremely popular and often ticket gets solid in advance.

Moving a Bicycle

Bicycles can be moved on the following trains if there’s space in the cargo car:

  • Train #13 – Departing at 19.35
  • Train #109 – Departing at 13.45
  • Train #51 – Departing at 22.00

Train #7 & Train #9 don’t have bicycles moving facility.

Bangkok to Chaing Mai Buses

From Bangkok to Chiang Mai buses take around 12 hours during the day and at night. Several bus services take you from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. The difference between the regular and VIP bus service is comfort level and price. Charges are rarely different in first or Second-class government buses. In first-class bus service costs around $17 while the Second-class bus service costs around $15  with air-condition facilities. These VIP buses are cheaper than 30$ and you can also get a pillow, water bottle, light snacks, and a blanket for night journeys. You must know that do not put cash and important documents in the luggage because that will go in the storage area. Travelling by bus is the cheapest way from all of the above as it cost around 13$ to 30$. There is enough space for luggage on buses. Cheapest departs from Morchit Bangkok to Chiang Mai at 16:50 and reach in Chiang Mai Arcade 2 at 2:30 AM. The service is offered by transport go and ticket cost is $13.  You can buy tickets online here.


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