Safari World Bangkok : Ultimate Guide for Travellers

Safari World Bangkok is one of the biggest, most popular, and most beloved zoos in the world, just 40 kilometers outside Bangkok city. The park is divided into two sections based on wildlife themes, Marine Park and Safari Park. The park is a tourist magnet and is visited by thousands of travelers from across the globe every year, and for a good reason, for this park offers wholesome entertainment for all ages, and offers a chance to see the world’s most intrepid creations in all their glory. Nature lovers are particularly drawn to this place. Before you begin your own trip to Safari World Bangkok or plan for it, here’s all the information you’ll need about it.

Why Should You Visit Safari World Bangkok?

Safari World Bangkok will offer you sights you might never see unless you go into the wild. You’ll be able to gaze upon hundreds of exotic animals ranging from lions, white tigers, fancy marine life, birds of a variety you’ve never dreamed of, and beyond. You will see hundreds of animals from the wild and from the vast oceans at Safari World, which is divided into Safari Park and Marine Park. These animals are kept in specially designed habitats. Safari World Bangkok offers eight types of exciting shows involving animals, such as a tiger and lion feeding show, an orangutan boxing show, a sea lion show, and a dolphin show among others.

With just 45 minutes of driving throughout the park, you will have the chance to see some of the most magnificent species of the world.

Safari World Bangkok is an affordable destination for tourists and families within the country who love to visit on holidays and weekends. If you’re not a regular tourist, make sure to plan your trip here on a weekday when the crowds will mostly be at work or busy with their everyday lives.

Things To Do at Safari World Bangkok:

It is at the entrance of Bangkok Safari World where the fun begins. There is an abundance of excitement at the entrance area, which is a great place to buy tickets, get an overview of the park, and plan your day’s itinerary. Visitors from around the world await their safari adventure eagerly in this lively atmosphere. You can explore Safari Park and Marine Park right away once you have your Safari World tickets and map.

1. Visit Safari Park’s Animals:

Safari World is Thailand’s biggest zoo for a reason. Their Safari Park houses hundreds of exotic animals, such as giraffes, zebras, antelopes, lions, tigers, and many more. To get through the 8km long Safari Park takes around 45 minutes, though you’ll surely want to stay longer than that. Nevertheless, there are plenty of opportunities to admire the animals and capture their memories. For the truly fortunate ones, some animals might even visit you by coming right up to your vehicle.


2. Visit Marine Life At Marine Park:

After the Safari Park, head over to the splendid Marine Park, which is without exaggeration a world apart. You’ll find several animal shows that allow you to get up close and personal with the animals. It is best to visit this area in the middle of the day when the sun is at its zenith. This is because the place is bathed in golden light. You can spend a couple of hours here, relaxing in the cool shade while enjoying the animals’ shenanigans. After you’ve cooled down, you can head over to Egg Island, where you’ll find eggs of different aviary species kept for viewing.

3. Make Time For A Jungle Walk:

This will be one experience that the average person will never be able to repeat. Safari World gives you the once in a lifetime opportunity to walk down a pathway in a simulated jungle. This will allow you to meet many native animals in the wild. In fact, this jungle is so real and dense that you need to stick to the guiding signs to avoid getting lost!

Elephant Show at Safari World Bangkok

4. Safari World and Marine Park Bangkok Shows:

There are multiple shows scheduled to be brought to life throughout the day. Catch a few during your time there, and you won’t regret it. The most popular are:

  • Spy War: Ever wanted to be part of an action scene in a movie? Ever wondered how you’d react? Here’s the closest you’ll get to fulfilling your fantasy. You’ll watch a Hollywood blockbuster unfold in front of your eyes in real-time. This show will feature gunfights, bombing, and many more surprises.

  • Sea Lion Show: The sea lions are the newest inhabitants of Safari World, but they’ve quickly established themselves as one of the main attractions there. Pay these lively creatures a visit and watch them mess with their trainers, play around, and literally jump through hoops.

  • Dolphin Show: Dolphins are among the smartest creatures to roam this Earth, and these shows display their intelligence for everyone to see. Their trainers have painstakingly prepared these animals, and now you can see them flip through the air and perform their antics. This is all at the command of the trainer.

  • Orangutan Show: Safari World seems to like intelligent creatures. If you’re someone who appreciates the chance to laugh, here’s where you’ll enjoy yourself most. Unlike real sports, these orangutans won’t fight, but they’ll keep you entertained throughout the show. No spoilers!

  • Elephant Show: You’ll be shown wrong here if you associate size with grace and mistake giant for clumsy or dumb. These gigantic, gentle animals will perform stunts as smoothly as any human, painting, dancing, playing basketball, and balancing for everyone to see.

  • Cowboy Stunt Show: Who needs to head all the way to the Wild West to get a taste of the life of bandits and cowboys when you can just experience all that right here? All the fights and horseplay that you’ve seen in the movies will appear right in front of your eyes. Trained stuntmen will entertain you with stunts that would be life-threatening if you’re not practiced in the art.

5. Go For A Ride On The Jungle Cruise River:

Still not feeling the excitement? Let’s crank it up a notch. This boat trip through wild forests will take you through Africa and Asia’s jungles. On this 30 minutes long cruise through the tropical forests, you’ll encounter a range of animals from crocodiles to gorillas. Like a little adrenaline rush? With this mix of a cruise and a jungle trip, you’ll get it all.

Safari World, Bangkok,

6. Grab a bite to eat:

All that walking around will make you hungry. Although Safari World does not allow outside food, there are still some good dining options available inside the park. Safari World has two buffet restaurants, Safari and Jungle Cruise. In both of these restaurants, you’ll find world-class international and Thai cuisine. Jungle Cruise is larger than Safari in size, but that does not mean one is inferior to the other. Jungle Cruise seats 1700 people, while Safari seats 800.

Safari World Bangkok Ticket Costs:

Considering the amount of effort goes into maintaining such an outstanding site, the ticket cost range for visits is economical to keep, but be sure to buy the tickets online, as buying tickets on the spot might take anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour plus expensive.

Safari World Bangkok Ticket.

So if you want to save money and get up to 40% discount, then book Safari World tickets online.

 There are many types of tickets, but these five are the most popular.

  1. The Bangkok Safari World all-day ticket in partnership with, costs 589.32 Baht for people over 13, and 515.66 Baht for children aged 2-12 years.

  2. The Bangkok Safari World all-day Marine Park ticket in partnership with, costs 686.01 Baht for people aged 13 and above, and 630.76 Baht for children aged 2 to 12 years.

  3. The Bangkok Safari World all-day Safari Park and Marine Park ticket in partnership with, costs 768.88 Baht for people aged 13 and above, and 653.78 Baht for children ages 2-12 years.

  4. The Safari Park Entry ticket in partnership with Klook, is an all-day ticket that costs $24.75 each.

  5. The Bangkok Safari World Ticket: Marine Park + River Safari Ride in partnership with costs 971.46 Baht for people aged 13 and above, and 916.21 Baht for children aged 2 to 12 years.

How do you get to Safari World Bangkok?

Since Safari World is built a bit outside Bangkok, getting there may seem like a royal pain. But rest assured, there are many suitable options for everyone.

  1. Bangkok To Safari World By Car:

This is the most expensive way to get there, but it is also the most direct. You can easily hail a cab or hire a car to drop you off at your desired location. This is the most convenient way for tourists, people unfamiliar with Bangkok practices, or people who aren’t good at navigation. If you have money to spare, take this option. A single trip to Safari World will set you back 600 to 700 Baht, depending on your starting location.

  1. Bangkok To Safari World By Train:

You can take the BTS to Victory Monument Station, then take Exit 2 to leave the station. From there, you will need to walk 100 meters to reach Safari World.

  1. Bangkok To Safari World By Coach Transfer:

If you’re looking to avoid sky-high taxi costs and public transport hassle, you might want to opt for a coach transfer from Bangkok. This transfer service will pick you up, drop you off at Safari World, and then drop you off back where you started.

  1. Bangkok To Safari World By Bus:

From Wat Ratcha Nanda Ram, you will need to take the Line 503 bus to Phantom Yotin Soi 67/1. From there, you can hail a cab to cross the remaining way. Besides this, from the Democracy Monument, you will need to board the 59 outbound bus and alight at the Satit Wat Prasri Mahathat School. Take the 554 inbound bus to Komo 8 once you’re there. The remaining distance between you and Safari World is only 8km, which can be covered in 12 minutes by taxi.

Best time to Visit Safari World Bangkok

Safari Park is mostly an open area and involves a lot of walking around if you want to truly see what it has to offer. For Safari Park, head there in the morning to avoid the sun’s heat. In the afternoon, you can visit Marine Park, a covered area. Since Bangkok itself is generally a warm place, visiting here in December and January would be the wisest decision.

Safari World Bangkok Timing

As for the timings, Safari World Bangkok is open from 9 am to 5 pm. However, some shows overlap, so know the timings of the show you want to see.

Final Note:

You can easily spend 6 to 6 hours exploring Safari World Bangkok in its entirety. If you want to see other places in Bangkok, set aside all morning and afternoon for travel and visiting this alone. Come prepared with your walking shoes and plenty of sunscreen, because both will be lifesavers for you. Although children under 100cm can enter for free, only bring children with you if you’re sure both you and they can handle the strain and the walking. If your children are old enough, this trip can be a perfect time for family bonding. However, even if you’re alone, Safari World Bangkok will ensure you have a great time!


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