Things To Do In Bangkok With Kids

Have you ever been to Bangkok with Kids? If not, then you definitely should. Bangkok has quite a reputation for its nightlife and is commonly known as a youngster’s spot. But, contrary to the popular beliefs, it can actually be a fantastic vacation spot with family, even with your kids too.

Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand and is ranked number one amongst the international tourist destinations. It has such a rich history, culture, and architecture that it is inevitable to not get attracted by the charm that this city possesses. Every nook and corner of Bangkok is fascinating for the thousands of tourists that visit every year. The historical sites that are lurking on every few miles, the culture, the food, and so much more to explore intrigues the visitors to go deeper and deeper. The name Thailand itself is translated as the “land of free” as it gives a sense of independence to not only the tourists but to the natives as well. Another reason for which people prefer Bangkok is that it is relatively a lot cheaper than the other famous destinations.

A place with incredible history, excellent infrastructure, historical religious sites, and gazillion other places like parks and malls sounds like the ideal vacation spot. Of course, not to forget the flavorfully delicious and mouth-watering food that is still easy on the pocket, now that’s the kind of place everyone should see. So, despite what the common beliefs are, Bangkok can prove to be very fun and entertaining, and a kid-centric city. There, you can experience a time of their life along with the family and make memories that will last forever with them. Here are some of the things you can do with your kids while on a vacation trip to Bangkok. Trust us, you’ll be packing your bags before you’ll make it to the end.

#1 Museum of Siam:

Known as one of the most historical tourist sites despite it being young itself, the Siam museum is more of an educational experience yet not at all boring. The museum was inaugurated in 2007 at the Sanam Chai road in Bangkok in replacement of the ministry of commerce. With the exhibited art and artefacts, the museum was refurbished not long ago to make it more attractive for the tourists and locals who love to dwell in the rich history of Thailand. It gives great insight into the Thai culture and traditions, and the war history of Thailand, and a spiritual getaway to Buddhism itself. For a museum, it is surprisingly modern with losing the authentic ancient touch.

The first section is a classic as it showcases Thailand’s adaptation of the western culture to infuse it on their own. From there onwards, it is a treasury of history wrapped in modernity. The walkthrough spiral televisions showcase the Thai evolution, and then the 60’s Bangkok café for a unique experience of sitting behind the counter and much more. If you’re still not sure about visiting it, then think about the cool Instagram stories that you can make, cool right?

Museum of Siam

#2 Sea Life Ocean World Bangkok:

Situated underground the Siam Paragon shopping mall, Sealife ocean world is an exhilarating underwater experience for the children. It is the biggest aquarium in Southeast Asia with a 270-degree glass tunnel and over 30,000 sea species from all around the world providing you and your kids with as real as possible from behind the glass adventure of the marine life without risking your life. Asia’s largest panoramic oceanarium called the open ocean also exhibits a wide variety of sharks and other sea creatures that you might not have seen before. And if you think it is just an aquarium, then you’re in for a lot more surprises. Secure underwater tunnel walking to experience sea life face to face is an experience you wouldn’t want to miss out on. The glass-bottom boat to witness sharks and many other fishes up close, 4D cinema, the first-hand feeding, and viewing amazing sea creatures like sharks, penguins, otters and many others leaves you mesmerized. At sea life ocean world, you can have a 25-minutes long virtual reality adventure at one of the oldest 4D theatres in Thailand. To say that it is underwater heaven on earth for kids won’t be wrong.

Sea Life Ocean World Bangkok

#3 Flight Experience Bangkok:

If your kids are 11 years old or above, then flight experience in Bangkok will probably be the most cherished highlight of your trip. It is a flight simulation centre for kids and adults, and it can actually be an educational experience. It is designed to be closest to the real flying experience that you can have as a professional. In addition to that, the staff members also dress up as the cabin crew to make you feel like flying an actual aeroplane. The cockpit is equipped with all the functions that you will find in a real plane, if not more advanced. The size is just like that of any regular plane. In a 30-minute package, you can take off and land at any of the airports out of 24,000 airports. The audio and visuals are so realistic that you almost forget that it is a simulator and not a real aeroplane. It offers guidance from the professional pilots so you won’t feel overwhelmed. And who knows this might generate interest in your little champ to become a pilot. Teach them young, folks!

Flight Experience Bangkok

#4 Flow House Bangkok:

We all know that water is a kid’s best friend as they love to play in it and refuses to come out even if it is just a simple shower. When it comes to surfing, the innocent kids have the tendency to turn into little minions. But surfing can prove to be dangerous, and it can too become out of control just like the kids when excited. But that shouldn’t put a stop on fun, now should it?

Surf the waves in the indoor flow house club to relish the artificial realistic beach experience without worrying about your kid’s safety. Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced surfer, there are well-trained professional instructors at your disposal that make your visit hassle-free. You can rent the surfing equipment like water gear and surfboards from the flow house. Change your attire to slide in the beachy mood in the provided dressing rooms, and once done with all the activities, you can actually relax in the hot shower. You, as an adult, can participate as well. Still, if you prefer not to, then you can sit back and enjoy the delicious food and refreshing drinks while watching your kids have the time of their life.

Flow House Bangkok

#5 Bangkok Cooking Classes:

You know your little ones are a master chef when they want to help you and love to imitate your actions cooking, and sometimes add their personal touch to it by making a mess. In Bangkok, you can actually let your kids explore their culinary skills and learn under the supervision of the experts. The 4 hours cooking class starts with a trip to a local market in a Tuk-Tuk vehicle to buy fresh and diverse ingredients. That is vital to have a full-fledged authentic Thai dish and experience at the end of your class. In the course, you can have your own personalized well-equipped workstation like that of a good restaurant. Learn from the friendly expert chefs and quench your culinary knowledge with fun tips and exciting flavours. In each class, you can create 4 exotic recipes with 2 sampling breaks to enjoy the meal of your hard work and creativity. Make sure you make it there before time so that you won’t miss the market trip. And at the end of your class, you will get to try the dishes, too, so you can have your dish and eat it too! And who knows, your kid might be the next Gordon Ramsey.

#6 Art in Paradise:

Ever wanted to live in a fairytale? Then this is the right place for you. Popularly known as the Trickeye museum because of the surreal 3D paintings, it is a place straight out of your childhood imagination. It has several rooms, with paintings of a particularly unique theme like ‘Coronation of The Emperor’, ‘Stairway to Hell’, and ‘Ride a Flying Carpet’ and many more with fine detailing. If you have an eye for creative photography, then it should be your go-to place, take your time to explore which spot can get you the desired pose inside the 3d world. There are arrow signs placed all around to suggest the perfect angles that make a perfect photo. The colourful paintings and the realistic 3D placement make you feel like you’re a part of a Disney or a Pixar movie of your own. It takes almost 2-3 hours to fully explore art in paradise, but it’s worth the time and can prove to be quite inspirational for your artistic soul. And the cool photography will definitely add up in the number of your social followers.

Art in Paradise

#7 Easy Kart Bangkok:

The easy kart can easily be called a real-life rendition of Need for Speed, providing you with a Formula 1 experience. Located on Royal City Avenue, it is the biggest indoor track for go-karting in Bangkok. Even though it is located on a street that is more famous for clubbing and pubbing, easy kart stands firm on the ground without intimidation. 8 minutes of safe speeding bliss as the adrenaline rushes through you while your race with the wind and others on the track. And don’t worry about the safety of your child as there are 3 different sets of go-karting available. For the kids aged 7 or above a junior kart with a 100cc, the second larger engine sizes are 160cc and 270cc for adults. Choose according to your preference of the engine. Moreover, the 270cc has a top speed of 60 km/h, which can be dangerous for a beginner. Safety gears that include overalls and a helmet are mandatory to ensure your welfare.

It can be a thrilling adventure for you and your kids, and maybe for once you can show your competitive side too (hey, just for a little fun, right?)

Easy Kart Bangkok

#8 Siam Amazing Park:

Known as the world’s best amusement and water park, Siam Amazing park should be the next stop for the wild soul of you little bundles of endless energy. The entrance is through a magnificent princess castle door whose bright colours bring delight to you at first sight. Your kids will be excited to go inside and unleash the monsters concealed within them. From there onwards it is divided into the water world, family zone, small world, fantasy world, and an X-zone. These different divisions ensure the age-appropriate rides for kids and adults and other areas that consist of other fun activities.

Water World is the kid’s most favourite zone, where they can bring absolute havoc and enjoy rides along a river that flows along the park. It also has a wave pool, small waves, shallow areas, and a slope to slide in. But what kids love the most is the super spiral waterslides and 7-story rainbow speed slide that toss you down with flashing speed into the pool. It is a complete package of fun activities in a single place that’ll make your kid love you more than ever. Furthermore, there are hundreds of other sites like Funarium, Playtime Ekamai, Siam Niramit, Asiatique Sky Ferris Wheel, and many more to discover while wandering around the city.

Siam Amazing Park

Make sure that you plan a trip with your kids to Bangkok and strengthen a lifelong bond with them by making unforgettable memories of art, culture, history, fun, and adventure. Maybe it will put a little dent in your bank account, but the smiles, laughter, and love you will experience from your kid during the trip will prove to be a real currency that you will always cherish. 

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