Unusual Things to do in Bangkok During Your Trip

We can do many things in Bangkok. Whenever you plan a trip to Bangkok it’s a great idea to search about to the unusual things to do in Bangkok you should find out places according to your trip days or vacations and then divide it according to your vacations. There are many places you can visit or enjoyed it in Bangkok. These several places always remind you the Bangkok. You can take there a sky train, you can also eat Thai food, you can discover there a cultural pottery village, can discover an artificial Island there which is located on a Riverbank. You can also visit shopping malls which are famous for shopping. It will provide you a source of amusement for you and your family.

You can buy beauty products, interior products, clothes, jewelry, cultural things, and food products from those malls. You can use enjoy there with the transportation system. You can also purchase all kinds of Thai designs which only made in Thailand. You can also buy gifts for your family and friends. You can also visit the street markets if you have time and you can also bargain there if you want to find some reasonable products for yourself or for your family.

Bangkok is an exact place for your vacations because of a variety of places, hotels, parks and food places and one will spend and enjoy his or her vacations.

 There are some unusual things to do in Bangkok that are as follows;

1. Take Thai Food Trips

If you are a food lover, you must visit Bangkok once in life to enjoy Thai food. What you can do is just visit in Bangkok hire a tuk-tuk (a transport) and visit food streets, cuisines and food places if you know about all these food streets. There are many food companies that offer food products, but Expique is a company that offers food tours to food lovers, including cooking classes and different things which are included in cooking class s.

Bangkok is a perfect place for it. You can take it as some sort of adventure for food. If you want to see a country’s tradition you just have to do one thing which is to taste its food.   Food and culture are two shades of one country. There are also food markets for Muslims where the MUSLIMS can enjoy halal food. One thing that is amazing is menu changes according to whether some of the famous dishes of Thailand are chicken satay skewers, juice in a bag, butterfly pea, chili dips, string beans, hot ginger soup, ice cream, and rice balls.

2.Discover a visit to Buddha Palace

It is a grand palace of Buddha that considers as religious of Bangkok as its name shows Grand Palace because this statue is like a masterpiece of architecture and gold is used in its design and it is precious for Bangkok’s people. But the thing you have to know first is timing to visit this palace. You have to search out first, then you should visit this palace. Often this place is closed for religious ceremonies so the people or drivers nearby will inform you about it.

The currency which is used there is the Baht. There are certain rules for entrance in the palace one should be covered his shoulders and knees. And one has to wear a loose dress and it makes comfortable as well. Don’t wear thin dresses or net skirts, shirts, etc. The hat is a good idea to cover the head. One should wear, easy shoes, but not expensive shoes because they would be stolen from Buddha Palace.


The famous talk-talk and you have to pay 15 baht to tuk-tuk driver. You can also take a taxi boat. Passenger through the great facility. These are some amazing rides you can enjoy with it. But like Taxi tuk-Turk has no meter where you have to fix, rent first and you should have knowledge about the rent of places you want to visit. In this way, you get cheaper cost of rent and enjoy more. And you can visit many places like parks, palaces, markets, malls, food streets, and flower markets.

4.Flower Market

That is the best idea when you are with your life partner to go to the flower market to buy some beautiful flowers for your partner. And shops remain open throughout the whole day. And at night there are a lot of crowds rather than morning time. But the price of flowers is costly you have to pick just one flower for your better half or life partner and it’s just a great idea to pick just one rather than many.

5. Lumpini Park of Bangkok

There are many unusual things to do in Bangkok and one of them is Lumpini Park, which is the best option for a visitor to see the natural beauty of someplace. It’s an amazing place for relaxation and it really works. So, if you want to visit Bangkok you should also visit there to see the natural charm or beauty of Bangkok. 

6.Bang Kachao Park

If you escape from all hectic routine, you should have to visit Bag Kachao Park. It will provide you a great calming time, you can relax with it. And definitely, it will make your day better. You can enjoy coffee there because there are some cafes also.

7.Best Malls

Bangkok is famous for Malls and shopping also. One who wants to buy gifts for your family and friends should definitely visit Malls in Bangkok. These malls are famous because they provide their visitors to every facility just because of its fun places, games, 3D system. There are a lot of brands in the malls so if you are brand conscious you should visit in malls. A lot of clothes, traditional dresses, beauty products, and jewelry you find there and buy them at reasonable prices. MBK is famous for all of the customer either the customers are from Bangkok or from different countries, this mall provides every type of accessories either its electronic or use for normal use it’s an amazing place for it.

8.Jim Thompson House

Another interesting place in Bangkok is Jim Thompson House. It’s an amazing and lush place for visitors. Jim Thompson considered as an American architecture who built his house like in Thai’s people constructed, but after it’s an unsolved question that disappeared, but his house is considered as a museum after that and visitors can see it with the very short amount. So if you want to visit in Thailand you should also visit there because it is precious seeing a place for every visitor.

9.Cheap Markets

If you want to buy things at reasonable prices there are weekend bazaars held in Bangkok which is cheaper than malls. And it is the best option for balancing your budget. You can buy everything from these markets either its food items, clothes or many more things from there in just reasonable prices. Weekend bazaars held on Saturday and Sunday and they have specific timing.

10.Thai Fights

If you will be there on Sunday or you have Sunday spend your time there you should watch a specific Thai Fight which is held on Sunday and it has no cost. It means you can watch this fight free of cost.

11. Stay Places

There are many places which are grand and marvelous for staying, these places are the and worth seeing that one can only dream of it. You should stay there and search for it before you stay there. Some of the hotels are nearby many places you should have to visit there just on walking distance.

There are some luxury hotels as well like Praya Palazzo hotel, Intercontinental Hotel, Navalai River Resort, Silom Hotel, Hostel Bangkok, Pullman Bangkok Hostel which provides a great facility and provide good food to their visitors even you can eat whatever you want from outside.

12.Sims Card Facility

If you want to stay in Bangkok for long you would need phone services. Thailand provides a great service for phone services. You can buy 1 to 2 cards from there and they give also packages, you can enjoy it for 7days or more than a year. They also provide net packages and their services are more than good enough.

13.Ancient Cities

There are some ancient cities of Bangkok and these cities are historical also one should visit there once in life. A city which is named as Ayutthaya, it is full of old ruins and it was located in Siam. It is a charm of Bangkok. If you want to visit you must know about the history of this city that will make your tour easy and comfortable. So these are some great and Unusual things to do in Bangkok.

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