Bangkok to Ayutthaya Day Trip by Train & Car, Bus & Minivan

Bangkok to Ayutthaya distance is about 80 kilometersAyutthaya is a small city with less than 80,000 population located in north side BangkokBangkok to Ayutthaya Day Trip is one of many activity which most travelers do at the weekend. Despite the fact that, Ayutthaya can be accessed from Bangkok by train, bus, car & minivan, getting from Bangkok to Ayutthaya by train are very frequentHowever, l would suggest you not to eliminate alternative ways as each transportation has some edge and some downsidesLet’s quickly discuss each other in details before concluding.

Bangkok to Ayutthaya Train

As of now moving from Bangkok to Ayutthaya by train is advisable by several passengers. During your trip to Ayutthaya from Bangkok by train you will view many astonish scene which means a real adventure.  In addition, Bangkok to Ayutthaya Train trip duration does not take more than two hours, which is manageable and most important aspect of this ride is its the cheapest way to get there from Bangkok to Ayutthaya train ticket cost is just 20 Baht (third-class) each each way. Isn’t a good dealHowever, the first-class ticket cost is a bit higher (330 Baht).

To catch Ayutthaya train from Bangkok, go to the Hua Lamphong Station (near MRT Station). Once you arrive there directly go to train ticket counter. These days two ticket counter serve one is for those purchased tickets  in advance and another one make reservation of present customers. Depending  your taste you can buy tickets.Remember to bring your passport along, as it is often required to book tickets for touristsThe major drawback of buying a third-class ticket is you can’t get your desirable seats. Once you have bought ticket go to stand #7 (check on your ticket for stand) and wait for the train. As a train stop jump on the train and then grab your desirable seats.

Bangkok to Ayutthaya Train

Don’t misplace your ticket until you reach to Ayutthaya because the ticket inspector will verify your ticket at least one time during your trip. Once train about  to reach Ayutthaya check your luggage and jump off quickly since the sometimes Thailand train does not stop for enough time even sometimes don’t stop more than one minute.

Train Schedule

Bangkok to Ayutthaya train schedule is below.

Train Number Departs Arrives Type
303 04.20 05.48 Ordinary
339 05.20 06.44 Ordinary
21 05.45 06.58 Special Express DRC
135 06.40 08.25 Rapid
111 07.00 08.37 Rapid
75 08.20 09.41 Express
7 08.30 09.47 Special Express DRC
201 09.25 11.27 Ordinary
71 10.05 11.24 Express
3 10.50 12.15 Special Express DRC
209 11.20 13.04 Ordinary
233 11.40 13.06 Ordinary
211 12.55 14.31 Ordinary
109 13.45 15.17 Rapid
207 14.05 15.57 Ordinary
145 15.20 16.56 Rapid
301 16.30 18.32 Ordinary
341/3 17.00 18.57 Ordinary
317 17.25 19.12 Ordinary
9 18.10 19.44 Special Express
313 18.20 20.18 Ordinary
77 18.35 19.59 Express
139 18.55 20.25 Rapid
13 19.35 21.06 Special Express
25 20.00 21.40 Express
107 20.10 21.43 Rapid
23 20.30 21.52 Express
133 20.45 22.17 Rapid
105 21.00 22.22 Rapid
67 21.30 22.50 Express
51 22.00 23.29 Express
141 22.25 23.53 Rapid

Bangkok to Ayutthaya By Taxi

Nothing can beat taxi ride when it comes to door to door hassle-free, comfortable and privacy rideGetting Bangkok to Ayuttahya is yet another option and HIGHLY recommended to families with kidsAs compared to train, ridetaxi, take less time if you hire an experienced driver who really knows route between Bangkok to AyutthayaSo many taxi drivers in Bangkok don’t know the route so it’s advisable that you carry route map with yourself so you can guide your driver if he/she turn into a self-claim professional driver. Taxi cost between Bangkok to Ayutthaya could be between 2000-2500 for eight hours and can be varies depending on your trip durationHere I am leaving a driver contact details who have a good reputation on tripadvisors.+66 81 634 2899? (Eddy).

Bangkok to Ayutthaya By Bus & Minivan

If you prefer to go by road by public transport, bus and minivan would be your partner for this journey.

  • By Bus

If you give preference to to go by road by public transport, bus and minivan would definitely be your companion for this journeyIt’s an additional possible way to get there. Buses depart from the Mo Chit station after every 30 minutes and take 90 minutes to reach Ayutthaya. Bus ticket cost is around 50 Baht.

  • By Minivan

To catch a minivan for Ayutthaya from Bangkok, head over to the Mo Chit Bus Station.

BTS: Grab the BTS Skytrain to Mo Chit BTS. The bus and BTS station are around a 20 minute walk apart so either get a taxi (less than 50 Baht) or a local bus:

Buses: 26, 77, 96, 104, 136, 145, 509 go to the bus terminal Bus: Buses leave various places in Bangkok. Buses 3,16, 26,49, 77,96, 104, 134, 136, 138, 145, 170, 509, 517, 529, 536 all go to Mo Chit.

Picking out the minivan: Check around for directions or pay a visit to one of the counters and ask where to wait.

How To Get Around Ayutthaya?

As soon as you reach to Ayutthaya you have to figure out how best to see all the templesThe very first sightseeing in Ayutthaya you would like to visit is actually an island within the city, so to turn up you either take a 4 Baht ($0.10) ferry (2 mins) or more often than not you consider a tuk-tuk to take you around for the entire day.

Tuk Tuks:

Moving around Ayutthaya by tuk tuk is quite common.If you’ve got good negotiating skills, you can get tuk-tuk 200-250 per hour and a tuk tuk can accommodate upto SIX persons so if you are more than one this would be wise decision.

Bike Rental:

It’s also possible to lease a bike by spending 50 Baht for the whole day. It’s a cost effective and I suppose many backpackers will think of this as option for sure. Bear in mind, in summer Ayutthaya temperature hit with 40 degreesBikes can be found from pretty much nearly every hotel.If you walk to down any street you’ll manage to pick one up.If you have decided to stay overnight and need cheapest room in Ayutthaya go to Toto house TOTO GUESTHOUSE Address : 6/5 Naresuan Road

Double room : from 300 to 500 Baht. Greatest deal.

For bike explorer blow is an excellent tour map.


For anybody who is concern about temperature and wish to stay away from heat, get an AC taxi. It’s most high-priced but comfy method of getting around Ayutthaya, An Ac Taxi cost is around 1000 baht for few hours.

Things to in Ayutthaya

All of the temples below cost 50 Baht? entrance fee unless of course otherwise listed.

Wat Mahathat

Wat Mahathat was residence of the Supreme Patriarch or leader of the Thai Buddhist monks. Mostly historics believes that Wat Mahathat was developed in 4th century A.D. Wat Mahathat is prominent of possessing the head of a Buddha statue that has been eaten by a tree. There is a fee of 50 Baht (1.30 USD) to get into the grounds of Wat Mahathat. There is also some shops where you can buy something to eat. I drank mango smoothie and it cost was 100 Baht.The temples open all days and operating time  07.00 – 17.00.You can take photographs with head of statue but its not allowed to touch any statue. 

Wat Mahathat

Wat Ratchaburana

The best part about wat Ratchaburana is tourist are allowed to go inside the main prang.The temple was developed by King Borom Ratchathirat II at the spot where both his brothers was killed (they wiped out each other) during a battle for the vacant throne of Ayutthaya. Immediately after both his brother passed away.Wat Ratchaburana is another temple where entry fee is just 50 Baht.The temple is open from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm every day.

Wat Ratchaburana

Wat Thammikarat

Wat Thammikarat is on the list of less visited ruins in the ancient Siam capital of Ayutthaya, Thailand. 20 bath access fee for foreigners and free of charge for Thai.The leading ruins to check out at Wat Thammikarat is a chedi that is encompassed by a many lion statues.

Wat Thammikarat Temple

Wat Phra Ram

Wat Phra Ram  development was initiated by King Ramesuan at the cremation site in 1912 and after he resigns his colleague King Borom continued the work and finally in  2284 B.E it gets completed by Rachathirat  King Borom Coat  King Ramesuan developed this temple for his father King Uthong. The temple is open from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm and visitor are required to buy an entry ticket which cost is 50 Baht. The primary stupa is positioned in the middle of the temple adjoining by plenty of trees.

Wat Phra Sri Sanphet

Wat Phra Sri Sanphet

It was initially the grandest and most stunning temple in the capital until 1767 when city was entirely ruined by the Burmese. As expected Wat phra si sanphet entrance fee is 50 Baht. If you visit grounds of the Temple you would notice many Thai ladies are performing local handicraft work.

Wat Phra Sri Sanphet

There are main temples that you should visit in your one day trip from Bangkok Ayutthaya.Listed below are few more places you may visit.

  • Somdet Phra Si Nakharin Park
  • Monument To Princess Srinagarindra
  • Wat Lokaya Sutha
  • Ayutthaya Historical Park
  • Bang Pa-In Palace

I hope you will enjoy your Bangkok to Ayutthaya one day trip as much I enjoyed.

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